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How Internal Audit Helps Improve Your Business Operations?

May 22 2016 , Written by Kelly Delafuente

Are you in need of an internal audit for your business? You have to seek help of an auditor who can audit your company in the most cost effective and timely way. Audit specialists having experience in this field perform proper and efficient audit of your business. The size and nature of your business does not matter. A professional auditor can audit small to large size businesses. The company offering internal auditing has a team of auditors. These auditors have the expertise and knowledge to perform audits that meet tax, legal and accounting standards.

The auditing team has to remain focused on the auditing job. It has to pay attention to the smallest details. Internal auditors monitor, examine and analyze activities related to your business operation. They will study different types of data and information related to your business structure and operations. Internal audit reveals how your organization is performing. It will help you know if your business is in good health and going to make profits. The auditors not only audit your account books but also offer valuable solutions to solve business problems being faced by you. They will assess the risks and suggest solutions that mitigate those risks. You will be able to minimize costs and reduce threats to your profitability.

Internal audit is a mandatory requirement if you are running a registered, licensed and listed company. It is also a good risk management and mitigation plan. The information obtained through internal auditing helps identify problematic issues before they become difficult to solve. Your competitors may try to steal your intellectual properties. Some employees in important positions may pose threat. Internal auditors can identify all such risks. It is better to take help of an outside internal auditor. The professional provides objective and unbiased views. The audit report is given to senior managers. It is usually submitted to the board of trustees, board of directors, audit committee or senior accounting officer.

Professional internal auditors work in accordance with international auditing standards and code of ethics. They have to comply with international professional auditing practices framework. Internal auditors provide a wide range of services. They assess different types of risks your business is facing. You will be able to improve your internal controls after gaining insights into the workings of your company. Managers working at different levels in your company will be consulted. Existing data and information are checked for confirmation. Operations are analyzed on various parameters. The auditors will work with other stakeholders if required. Recommended resource for more info.

The survival and success of your business depends a lot on effective, efficient, regular and timely internal auditing. When you want to maintain your organization's growth, reputation and profitability, it becomes important to perform an internal audit as and when required. You need to know if your business is on track and working properly as intended. The auditors will tell you this information after evaluating all the risks, operations and processes of your company. Internal auditing is different from external auditing. External audit report is submitted to shareholders. Internal audit is reported to the governing body of the organization. This audit is not limited to financial auditing but also includes evaluation of different types of risks. You can improve your business operations with the help of internal audits.

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